Lippert Bros., Inc.

A structured portfolio for a century of work

for High Five

The objective for this project was to craft a comprehensive portfolio that beautifully exhibits Lippert Bros., Inc.'s extensive century-long body of work. This portfolio needed to transcend its role as a marketing site; it needed to emphasize the company's history to effectively establish trust, drive leads, and showcase projects.

From the outset, I recognized the pivotal role that Information Architecture (IA) would play in shaping the success of the Lippert Bros., Inc. website. My approach revolved around a strategic orientation of the site's structure and functionalities, with a focus on spotlighting current projects while ensuring past projects were simple to find and browse.

To achieve this, I built a dynamic Projects page to showcase work by category and type. This implementation fulfilled a specific client objective: make adding new projects easy. To that end, I developed a layout using dynamic fields within each project, ensuring that the process of incorporating new content remained streamlined and hassle-free.

To ensure that the client could seamlessly add new content through the system I created, I met with their staff to walk them through the process of adding new projects. In addition to this practical session, I crafted comprehensive step-by-step process documentation, serving as a permanent resource for their team.

The outcome of this project is a successful transformation of the Lippert Bros., Inc. website that reflects a fusion of strategic IA, intuitive UX, and efficient content management.

I successfully achieved the client's core objective: an impressive showcase of their work that would generate more leads and lay a foundation of trust.

The website's overhaul spotlights Lippert Bros., Inc.'s ongoing and completed projects, strategically emphasizes their capabilities and accomplishments, and creates a lasting impression on visitors.

This project won a gold ADDY award for online interactive experience.