Hey, I'm Daniel. I'm a human-centric award-winning designer.

I design to solve problems in creative ways. To create engaging, and accessible experiences. To explore. To pour my heart into a craft, and see myself continuously grow. To communicate how important it is to care. To sweat the details. To create shared experiences, and connect others.

Daniel is a brilliant and gifted creative designer

Sean R, Senior Engineer

He took our messy ideas and turned them into something beautiful

Zack C, Videographer

My story

tl;dr I've been designing and building for longer than I've known long division, and I love it.

My love of design started when I was just 9 years old on my family's Windows 98 PC. Since then, I've made contributions to various types of projects, and my skills extend across disciplines, including product, web, marketing, and leadership.

Following the 2013 Moore, OK tornado I got into tech. When it hit, I was in one of the schools in its path, so the following year I switched to online school. As a teenager, my virtual school work was the least of my worries. Instead, I built communities online, one I saw grow to over a million users. That was mind blowing.

Seeing something you made bring so many others enjoyment, laughter, and connection was inspiring. There I learned development, honed my design craft, saw the power of community-led growth, practiced leadership, and learned a ton. All before graduating high school.

After stepping away from my first big project to focus on finishing school and being an actual teenager, I started doing photography professionally. Working with non-profits, businesses, and families I was able to capture the beauty of life.

Later I found myself back where it all started, leading a global remote team of creatives shipping game experiences. After it wrapped up, and unable to scratch my design itch, I went to work at one of the largest digital marketing agencies in Oklahoma. In my first year there I won three American Advertising Awards for web design.

Above everything I believe in crafting human-centric products and teams.

When I'm not making cool things you may find me spending time with my people, running, or trying to keep my plants alive.

Awards & honors

Google UX
Pendo Product Management
Gold ADDY Award
Online Interactive Experience
Bronze ADDY Award
Online Interactive Experience
5 WCAG certifications
Marketing AI Institute certification

My favorite tools

Strengths & skills

📊 Data-driven design

Design strategy

Human Computer Interaction

Product design




💭 Design thinking

🌎 Web design

📗 User stories

💡 Creative problem solving

User-centered design

🤝 Cross-functional collaboration

Workflow automation

✅ Project management