Adorn Printing

Online print shop crafting custom canvases.

Market research revealed most custom canvas printing companies used confusing, outdated, and suboptimal order flows. This inspired the goal of Adorn Printing - offer a streamlined and intuitive order process for custom print products. I accomplished this using a custom Shopify extension to allow users to easily create a canvas from their uploaded image and instantly preview it in 3D and augmented reality. This gave the site an advantage over competitors.

Paired with the streamlined order flow, I designed every marketing page to maximize conversion and match the brand’s tone and style.

Additionally, I created product mock-ups. These mock-ups could be modified to send customers a preview of their product before printing and fulfillment, and allowed me to create social media and marketing images holding zero inventory.

Project highlights

  • Developed brand voice and identity
  • Outlined product manufacturing and fulfillment processes
  • Designed and built custom Shopify eCommerce site
  • Partnered with 501c3 non-profit One Tree Planted
  • Ran social campaigns