About me

I'm an Oklahoma City-based designer with a rich background spanning over 9 years. My love of design started when I was just 9 years old on my family's Windows 98 PC. Since those days of Roblox and Photoshop, I've made significant contributions to numerous projects, and my skills extend across a wide range of disciplines, including product, design, marketing, and leadership.

Above everything else I believe in crafting human-centric design, products, and teams.

When I'm not working you may find me running, playing piano, spending time with loved ones, trying to keep my plants alive, or growing Pikmin.

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Google UX Design Certification

Webflow Certification

Pendo Product Management Certification

Marketing AI Institute Certification


I'm a designer that can code!

An analytical approach to evidence based design and creative problem solving

Attention to detail and a strong understanding of typography, color, and layout

Taking a user-centered design approach, translating concepts into user stories, task flows, use cases, and wireframes

Managing a project from start to finish to produce results independently as well as collaboratively

Proficiency with modern front-end technologies, including CSS, HTML, and JavaScript

4+ years of hands-on experience designing and prototyping using Figma

10+ years of experience in Photoshop

3+ years of organizing and leading projects using Wrike, Notion, and Linear

React and Storybook experience

Knowledge of IA and a11y principles

Experience designing technical projects and working with engineering teams

3+ years of experience building sites in Webflow

6+ years with Illustrator

Experience automating workflows in Zapier and Make

and clearly humility