A web shop for streamers to print their emotes and grow revenue. is a personal project. Over 300,000 professional streamers and millions of amateur streamers can be found on Twitch. exists with the goal of providing these creators with another revenue stream by giving them the ability to sell stickers of their custom emotes to their audience. had to be designed with both the creator and their audience in mind. Building separate landing pages, links, and marketing material for each category.

Project Details


Web, Brand, Product, UI/UX, eCommerce


2021 - 2022


  • Contracted and managed back-end engineer
  • Worked alongside engineer to design around constraints by 3rd party libraries (Stripe)
  • Utilized Twitch, Cloudinary, and Swell APIs
  • Developed product manufacturing and fulfillment processes
  • Designed and built eCommerce site. A/B tested for optimal conversion

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I designed emote's marketing pages in Figma, which I then developed in Webflow. I wireframed and created a prototype of the order flow for an engineer to reference to build a separate app outside of Webflow which utilizes Swell’s e-commerce APIs, Cloudinary, and our own account system with third party linking. The third party linking allows us to automatically fetch the user’s emotes to create their custom products instantly.


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